Concerned Citizen Action

The Essential Keys to Effective FFC Public Commenting and Petitioning Key Government Agencies

Concerned Citizen Action: The Essential Keys to Effective FCC Public Commenting and Petitioning of Key Government Agencies

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The importance of submitting your comment to government agencies that must publish a request for public comment as part of a public record, cannot be overstated because it is, in effect, the call for public comment is your government asking YOU for your direct input, which will become part of the public record regarding the decisions those agencies, like the FCC, are making on your behalf as a result of public dialog.

However, far beyond that “self evident truth”, the overriding importance of submitting effective comments to the FCC cannot be overstated since many a noble EMF Safety Advocate Group has submitted hundreds of pages of heart rendering public comment only to have it instantly dismissed and thrown on the heap with the hundreds of other public comments that did not follow the instructions for submitting comments.

For years, all the while the FCC has been making decisions and changing rules when it comes to expanding wireless communication, countless well-intended EMF safety advocates have tried and failed to get their public comments to bear any weight on the FCC decision making process because they don’t know how to follow instructions, or they would follow the instructions if they could if they only understood them.

Submitting Your Public Comment is critical to managing the deployment of 5G in ways that are lawful, healthful, and responsible!

This essential 55 page guide is download-able and printer friendly for handy future reference as government agencies publish new proposals seeking public comment, it it will guide you step by step through the art of science of effective commenting, and here is an overview of the many topics that will be covered.


Public Record

The Importance of Public Comments to Notice of Proposed Changes (NPRMs)

Rule One – to get a public comment to be considered at all it first must be correctly submitted.

Correctly Submitted Timing Correctly Submitted Procedure

These are the official FCC sites to submit Public Comments on FCC filings and proceedings:

Rule Two – know what the FCC is asking for in order to submit a relevant comment.

The Relevancy of the Title

The Relevancy of the FCC Document Content The Irrelevancy of Submitting Studies

FCC Offers Two Opportunities for Public Comment Standard Filing Comments

Examples of Effective Standard Filing Comments Blake Levitt,

Cynthia Franklin, Dr Joel Moskowitz,

Express Public Comments

Examples of Effective Express Comments:

Example 1: FCC Procedure
Example 2: Publishing All Comments
Example 3: Clear Public Instructions
Example 4: FCC Real Need

What Goes on in the Mind of the FCC?

How The FCC Decides What to Do with Public Comments

We the People

Petitioning the Government

How to Submit a 5G Petition Directly to the Government that gets a Response Start Your Own Petition

Submit a Comment Directly to Your Elected Official

Publically Comment Directly to the Government Agency Responsible

Understanding NPRMs

Key Things to Realize about any Government Notice of Proposed Changes Typically the Notice of Proposed Changes go through these stages:

Our goal as an “NPRM commenter”

ALL comments that are submitted enable the FCC “create a record”, Submitting Standard Filing Comments for Docket 19-226

Dissecting this Important Docket LEGEND for Docket 19-226

The Point of Paragraph 120
The Point of Paragraph 121
The Point of Paragraph 122
The Point of Paragraph 123
The Point of Paragraph 124
The Point of Paragraph 125
The Point of Paragraph 126
The Point of Paragraph 127
The Point of Paragraph 128
The Point of Paragraph 130
The Point of Paragraph 133
The Point of Paragraph 134
The Point of Paragraph 135
The Point of Paragraph 136
The Point of Paragraph 139
The Point of Paragraph 140
The Point of Paragraph 141
The Point of Paragraph 143
The Point of Paragraph 144

The Point of Footnotes 36 to 42

Comment Writers

Professional Comment Writers are in High Demand

Submitting public comment to the FCC and Other Key Government Agencies related to EMF safety.

The Growing Need for FCC Comment Writers Helping EMF Safety Advocates be Heard Examples of Effective Standard Filing Comments:

Useful Resources

Additional Safety Advocate Support Related Articles

Downloads: eBooks and Publications

This easy to follow, must-have Guide will show you how to submit Public Comments that Really Make a Difference! This guide will help you submit your comments and by heard and taken seriously by the FCC and other key government agencies that impact EMF Safety.

With 5G now beginning to blanket our cities, laws being changed to hasten it, and the very high stakes of installing 5G without any biological health testing, the concerned informed voice of the average citizen has never been more important. This really is a “Speak now or Forever hold your Peace” situation.

Your Instructor

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Chris Young, PE

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I am the Founder of EMF EXPERTS and I personally stand behind each training course that we do here at EMF Experts, where we are dedicated to the highest professional standards in observance of our mission statement and guiding principles. I'm a Professional Electrical Engineer in the USA; at various times in my career I have held professional engineering licenses in nearly every state in the nation and I've also headed up organizations in over 20 countries.

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