EMF Meter Expertise Course with Meter Investigations Video Library

What Experts Know About EMF Meter Performance, EMF Investigations and EMF Exposure Evaluations.

"EMF Meter Expertise"
by Professional Electrical Engineer, Chris Young

This 80 page training guide will walk you through what's under the hood of any EMF Meter and why it's all very vital to to getting the best performance from your meter, and metering correctly, from the very beginning. Knowing what experts know before they go to buy the right meter for a specific sitution, and how to work with the features and failings of any meter, will assist you in obtaining the best meter for your individual situation, in taking accurate meter readings, and in understanding and applying the EMF safety standard guidelines, and much more.

Written in everyday English, with the experienced insight of a professional engineer, this training is designed to enable real people to measure the EMF levels in their home or office, investigate and uncover EMF safety issues like expert EMF meter professionals do.. Even the more complicated Electromagnetic issues are "interpreted" step by step from Engineer-Speak to familiar everyday English and Math, to be less intimidating and more comprehensible; and this also includes the helpful see-and-do videos, images, illustrations, guides and worksheets..

Like all paid self-guided courses, this course offers an optional Quiz, which provide you with the option of earning an Award of Completion document to officially confirm your completion of this stand-alone training course.

Completing this course will also qualify for academic credit towards EMF Expert Consultant Certification should you decide to continue on with certification training later. See Bonus Features below for more details.


CHAPTER 1 - Why Measure EMF

CHAPTER 2 - What to Measure.
2.1 Scope of EMf Measurements
2.2 Electric Field
2.3 Magnetic Field
2.4 RF Field.

CHAPTER 3 - How to Measure.
3.1 Objective
3.2 What to record
3.3 Environmental Factors
3.4 Position.
3.5 Self performed or contracted.
3.6 Testing Laboratories

- When to Measure.
4.1 Day of the Week.
4.2 Time of Day
4.3 For Maximum or Minimum.
4.4 Before and After

- Measurement Instruments.
5.1Types of Meters
5.2Scales of meters
5.7EMF Calibration.
5.10Instantaneous Vs Average
5.13Meter inventory

CHAPTER 6 - EMF Calculation and Measurement
6.1 Recording instruments
6.2 Peak Vs Average
6.3 Position.
6.4 Direction.
6.5 Environment
6.6 Repeatability
6.7 Units
6.8 Recommendations

CHAPTER 7 - Using Measurements
7.1 Compare Standards
7.2 Identify Hot Spots
7.3 Prove Effectiveness of Remediation.
7.4 Locate Sources of EMF.
7.5 Making Choices

CHAPTER 8 - Monitoring Changes over Time
8.1 Cyclical Changes
8.2 Progressive Changes
8.3 Activity Changes

9.1 Instructional Videos (Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom)

CHAPTER 10 Support Package Download
10.1 Metering Checklist for Various Environments,
(including Vehicles, Public Places etc)
10.2 EMF Meter Measurement Worksheet
10.3 EMF Biological Safety Guidelines
10.4 Meter Unit-Conversion Charts



1. This course includes the Meter See-and-Do Video Tutorials Library (a separate course that is included (bundled) here for added value at at no extra charge!). Here you will find a collection of meter investigation videos demonstrating correct meter use with professional electrical engineer Chris Young using various commonly used EMF meters in various EMF exposure situations,

2. Numerous Training Support Material, eBooks, Guidelines, Worksheets and other EMF Meter training resources are included for easy download, for use in the meter training exercises, and as helpful future reference.

3, Your Award of Completion is achieved after successful completion of the (optional) course Quizzes. However, quizzes are designed primarily to help students assess their grasp of the training material and are not mandatory.

4. Successful completion of this course offers you Academic Credit towards EMF Expert Consultant Certification, should you decide to continue on with training in order to achieve professional credentials; this is available to you anytime within a year of completing this course by earning the Award of Completion.. In other words, having already accrued these academic credits means that you will not be required to repeat this training to attain your certification. If you want to begin with your EMF Expert Consultant Certification training right from the start, you will find this course is included at no extra charge in the certification tuition price course bundle.

Your Instructor

Chris Young, PE
Chris Young, PE

Senior Professional Electrical Engineer
Founder: EMF-Experts.com

I am the Founder of EMF EXPERTS and I personally stand behind each training course that we do here at EMF Experts, where we are dedicated to the highest professional standards in observance of our mission statement and guiding principles. I'm a Professional Electrical Engineer in the USA; at various times in my career I have held professional engineering licenses in nearly every state in the nation and I've also headed up organizations in over 20 countries.

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EMF Meter Expertise Course
What Experts Know About EMF Meter Performance, EMF Investigations and EMF Exposure Evaluations.
Chris Young, PE
EMF Meter Training Video Library
Videos illustrating the use of various EMF meters
Chris Young, PE

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and ends when you request your Award of Completion (your diploma-looking certificate will be delivered to you online automatically upon request at the end of a course) It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish, and you have 4 months to complete reading the course content, viewing the videos and downloading the resource material.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course across any and all devices you own for four months. You can enroll in one course at a time, or enroll in several at the same time. If you need longer than the allotted course time to complete the trianing, just bounce us an email with your extension request.
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We have designed this classroom to enable you to “try before you buy”, and that is why we have made several FREE courses available for you to try out our learning platform, to get to know us and experience the quality of our training content. No refunds are offered for paid-for courses once they have been started, however we will work with you to make sure you have an excellent learning experience, and if you need an extension to complete the training due to unforeseen delay, we are happy to accommodate you to provide whatever learning time you need.

This course will enable you to accurately and confidently measure the EMF levels in any environment and determine your EMF exposure correctly. User friendly training includes lots of how-to videos and features several commonly used meters to teach proper proceedures.