Introductory Message and Guided Video Tour

Welcome to EMF Meter Know How self-guided training course, where you will learn how to Accurately Measure and Correctly Evaluate EMF Exposure in Any Environment, as demonstrated with the TF2 Meter.

The EMF Meter Know How course is a self-guided course, that is comprised of an introductory Tour of Classroom video, various Lectures, which are organized into Parts (tutorial titles) and Sections (topics included in each tutorial). Your course also includes two eBooks, Visualizing EMF, and The EMF Meter Know How, numerous other support pdf downloads, and and the accompanying TF2 Meter-Demo Investigations Video Library (which is organized as a separate self-guided course in “My Courses”).

The EMF Meter Know How Video Library is found with other courses you have purchased, which you'll find in "My Courses". If you are inside a course classroom, you can access My Courses by simply hitting the back button (small arrow) until you see that menu option. Or, you can access it by logging in, and you will automatically be taken to My Courses.

Additionally you will have the option of taking a Final Quiz, which upon successful completion will automatically present you with a personalized Award of Completion for the EMF Meter Know How course.

Important Student Tip: Always click "Complete and Continue" when you have first, finished each training Section, and second, downloaded every support pdf included in that section. Clicking "Complete and Continue" serves several purposes: it lets you know where you are in the overall training process viewable in My Courses, it enables you to proceed to the next training in the sequence, and it also how your overall progress is tracked to qualify you for your Award of Completion.

Enjoy your EMF Meter Know How training! You have joined company with many other fine meter users and graduates.

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